Drywall ServicesLess

All repairs from large holes in walls and ceilings to nail pops to buckled joints will disappear.

Satisfaction is guaranteed on all patching and repairs

  • Patch Small and Large Holes

  • Drywall Crack Repair 

  • Nail and Screw Pops

Interior PaintingLess

We take pride on our work, that is why we have qualified people with years of experience and use quality products that match the necessities of your interiors painting project.

We work with you to set up a realistic schedule that works with your needs to complete the interior painting –small or large-, and take the necessary steps to take care of your belongings with the following preparation:

  • Drop cloths, and plastic to protect furniture, personal items, and floor.

  • Remove switch plates, blinds, and any other objects you may not have been able to reach 

  • Sand all painted surfaces for proper adhesion 

  • We repair any drywall patches, and caulking where needed 

  • Spot prime where needed, patches and stains where needed 

  • We mask all surfaces not being painted with tape and seal the edges to ensure no seepage of the paint. (provide crisp paint lines) 

  • We unmask and clean work areas at the end of each day, and consolidate and store materials and tools in a designated work area.